The Need for Social Media as an Author

During my 12 years in web design/development I quickly saw the value of Social Media, not just for my business, but for my customers’ businesses too. Working with Sue and the guys from TeamAuthorUK has made me consider the benefits of Social Media to authors specifically. Here are my top 5 reasons you need to be on at least one Social Media platform.


1 It’s Cost Effective

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are free. It costs only your time to post on these platforms.


2 Your readers are on Social Media

Whichever platform you choose to use, you can be certain that there are potential raving fans of your work lurking there.


3 It’s easy to build relationships

It’s a great, free and easy way to open a dialogue with fans and potential fans. People love to know ‘famous’ and soon-to-be-famous people. As authors, you have a special status in the eyes of us mere mortals. You are the Gods of Words and we envy you. A chance to be your ‘friend’? Of course we won’t refuse.


4 A free way to promote your book

Once you have a following of raving fans, then Social Media is a quick way to whet their appetite for your next book!


5 Boosting Google Ranking

Social Media is an essential factor in getting to page one of Google search results. Google considers your engagement rates on the major Social Media platforms in its ranking algorithm. A decent Social Media presence helps get a page one ranking for your website – which helps you sell more books.


This is my personal view based on many years of experience. There are probably lots more reasons too but I have chosen my top 5.


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Jan Kiermasz

Digital Trainer and Consultant