Publish With Us

It can be a long and discouraging process trying to find an agent or traditional publisher to take you on as an author. Self-publishing is a way of getting your book to market quickly and is an attractive option to see you published sooner rather than never.

Contrary to what you may have heard, most traditional publishers don’t frown upon you self-publishing. In fact, it may work in your favour if you have a high-quality product and use our tips and tricks to get followers and reviews.

With our service, YOU are the publisher. If at any time you get a publishing deal, you are not locked into any contracts with Team Author. You’ve paid for our publishing and promotion services – but the copyright, the royalties and the book – is yours.

On average, it takes 3 to 4 months from the start of the project until your book is ‘live’ on Amazon. We follow a process that ensures your book is published to high standards and gives you time to prepare your marketing schedule.

The first step is to Contact Us. We will send you a short questionnaire to complete and then arrange a conversation to discuss your project indepth. If you wish to proceed, you can apply to join our next publishing sprint which opens each quarter. Places are limited so that our team can give you and your book personal attention.

Once you agree our quotation, you should email your manuscript on a word document with a short synopsis.

We encourage you to seek beta readers whom you trust to review your manuscript and give honest feedback and then incorporate this before you send us the final manuscript.

For novels of any length, we offer a full structural editing and manuscript critique service. This is an optional service and the price will depend on the number of words. This service is also available for children’s books.

Content editing and proofreading are part of our standard services as we believe this is a must for a professionally published book.

For more information on our services see our Author Packages