J M Moore

I love life! Particularly if I’m on the top of a Lake District mountain where I find not only exhilaration, I find peace and this allows story ideas to flow.

People fascinate me, all the funny little things us humans do and odd little things we say somehow get filed away in my ever-clogged-brain and randomly pulled out for use in a story.

Rucksack Tales was written with fun in mind, it is light-hearted and best read before bed. Why? Because it’s good to go to sleep with a smile on your face! So…as you can probably gather so far, my writing isn’t arduous, you won’t have to trawl through yards of inaccessible prose but if I transport you to a place where you too – can find peace – then I’ve done my job.

Happy reading and thank you for looking in.

Rucksack Tales

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Rucksack Tales