Lynda-Holmes Kelly

Lynda was born in Wallasey on the Wirral, just across the River Mersey from Liverpool in 1957. She was the only child of Ray and Agnes but has an older brother Allen, whom she adores to this day. Allen lives in America but they get together as often as they possibly can. Lynda had a very happy childhood and began her career in Banking following in the footsteps of her father in 1974 but left when a career opportunity arose for her first husband, to live in the Bahamas for 3 years in 1987-1990. It was during this period that her first poems and recollections were made whilst sitting in glorious surroundings but with a feeling of being homesick for her parents and family, whom she had always been very close to and missing her first Christmas with them all. Circumstances brought her home to the UK in 1990 and in that year she met Don. They subsequently married in 1995 and Lynda was fortunate to also gain a fantastic stepson, Darren, who has always been, not just a son but a great friend to her as well. Don and Lynda have a successful business together and continue to build on that, having in the recent years franchised their company, which is growing steadily. Over the past 25 years they have loved their adopted dogs – first being Sam the short haired German Shepherd followed by another Sam, a long haired German Shepherd. Then along came the lovely Symba a 10 year old Samoyed (yet another “Sam”) who amazingly lived a puppyish life until he was 15. TillyMint, aka Tornado Tilly, is currently in residence and their fourth “Sam” arriving as a four month old Samoyed puppy as a gift from very close friends. Lynda and Don love to travel together and escape at every opportunity possible and TillyMint has her own passport too!