Book Design

When you self-publish, there are a few options you can use, but let’s use Amazon as an example here. Createspace is Amazon’s sister company and creating an account with them is Step 1 in the publishing process. Createspace guides you through everything you need to prepare your final, edited manuscript for uploading – which includes templates and book sizes.

If your book is a novel without any graphics or images in the interior, it is pretty straightforward and we can help advise you on this. However, your book cover is a different matter. A professionally designed cover is crucial as many readers will ‘choose a book by its cover’. And, if your book has photos or illustrations throughout, it does become a bit more complicated to prepare it and upload it.


You can discuss what you want for your cover with our designers and they will create it for you! They will also prepare it to the specifications required for paperback printing and e-book distribution. They can also layout the book to the specifications required, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.


Meet our design team

Alan Jones

Dom Bryan

Ellen Parzer

Carole Chevalier

Sofi Evans