A Light To Guide US Home

A Light To Guide US Home
Genre: Inspirational
Tag: Published 2017
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 238
ASIN: 1978473672
ISBN: 9781978473676

This is the story of a gifted medium, which takes you on her journey from a very young age to adulthood.

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About the Book

The spirits intervened in Lynn’s life and during a tragic event within her family, they stepped in to save the day. Lynn’s story takes you through her spiritual journey and highlights the many subtle way spirits try to connect with you. The messages she is receiving lead her to believe she has been guided to share her knowledge and experiences with you. Lynn’s story may be the key to tapping into your own divine guidance to help you move in the right direction and ultimately lead you to a calmer, more rewarding life.