All For Love

All For Love

All For Love is the autobiography of a Nursing Sister, Edna Dodds, whose adventures took her to Africa, Egypt and finally New York before returning to England to retire, with the love of her life, Michael. 

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About the Book

Her career of over 50 years saw many changing scenes and the opportunity to work on passenger liners including the Queen’s. During this time, not only did she visit many interesting and unusual places but she was to meet her husband-to-be. After a period as his mistress, she settled in New York, where they married in 1972. Every challenge Edna faced through her life, she embraced. Nursing practices in the different countries she found to be radically different to those of England. However, she persevered in these situations with a pragmatic, and often humorous, approach. On returning to England she worked in Liverpool, until her retirement. Now age 87, Edna reflects on the many chapters of her life with intimate reflections on love, nursing and travel.

Genre: Biography
Tag: Published 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 186
ASIN: 1717139450
ISBN: 9781717139450
List Price: £6.99
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