Buzz Buzz Swat Splat

Buzz Buzz Swat Splat

*** Coming Soon ***

About the Book
Genre: Children's Books
Tag: Coming Soon
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Holly Bushnell
About the Author
Lorna McCann

Lorna is a mum to two very energetic boys. When she’s not chasing them around, Lorna, a former journalist, works as a PR and communications manager. And when she’s not being a mum or working she enjoys the great outdoors, a nice cup of tea and a BISCUIT (or two). One day she hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming a forest ranger (or at least getting somewhere close to it!)

About Phil Burrows

The author of the Sci-Fi series of books called the Mineran Series. Website designer for authors and a proud member of Team Author UK