Felix – the Small Boy with the BIG Imagination

Felix – the Small Boy with the BIG Imagination
Genre: Children's Books
Tag: Published 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 30
Illustrator: Holly Bushnell
ASIN: 1981279946
ISBN: 9781981279944

Felix is a small boy with a BIG imagination and he loves dressing up. What will Felix dress up as today?

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About the Book

Will he be a deep-sea diver, an astronaut 
or a rock climber? Join Felix on his imaginary adventures and find out what’s hiding in his enormous dressing up box!

About the Author
Lorna McCann

Lorna is a mum to two very energetic boys. When she’s not chasing them around, Lorna, a former journalist, works as a PR and communications manager. And when she’s not being a mum or working she enjoys the great outdoors, a nice cup of tea and a BISCUIT (or two). One day she hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming a forest ranger (or at least getting somewhere close to it!)