Fireflies 2 – The Revenge

Fireflies 2 – The Revenge
Series: Fireflies, Book 2
Genre: Fiction
Tag: Published 2017
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 206
ASIN: 1978379331
ISBN: 9781978379336

It’s 1975 in Manchester. Sally and Peter have an unbreakable bond based on the traumatic experience they shared twelve years before.

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About the Book

A chance meeting opens old wounds, awakening painful memories of the past. A dark force is at work which threatens Peter and his mum Jenny. Evil is determined to settle old scores. It’s a roller coaster journey of love, danger, death and despair, yet Sally is confident the Fireflies will lead her, and her friends, to safety.

About the Author
J G Nicholls

Gillian Atkinson (pen name J.G. Nicholls) was born in Northwich Cheshire, England where she continues to reside. Gill has chosen to write under her mother’s maiden name as a tribute to her late mum. She lives with husband Paul, their dog Lucy and their daughters and grandchildren all live close by. She enjoys travelling and is a keen gardener. After retiring from work last year, Gill has eventually found the time to start writing, a long-term passion of hers.

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