Fireflies 3

Fireflies 3

It is now 1993. Having remained close friends both Sally and Peter are embarking on the next chapter of their lives.

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About the Book

What starts out as a mission of mercy plunges them into a terrifying world of destruction, death and betrayal. Sally’s Fireflies remain vigilant and ready to help when needed. Present and Past merge to form an unlikely alliance which brings an explosive conclusion to the saga.

Series: Fireflies, Book 3
Genre: Fiction
Tag: Published 2018
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Length: 275
ISBN: 9781731246752
List Price: £8.99
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About the Author
J G Nicholls

Gillian Atkinson (pen name J.G. Nicholls) was born in Northwich Cheshire, England where she continues to reside. Gill has chosen to write under her mother’s maiden name as a tribute to her late mum. She lives with husband Paul, their dog Lucy and their daughters and grandchildren all live close by. She enjoys travelling and is a keen gardener. After retiring from work last year, Gill has eventually found the time to start writing, a long-term passion of hers.