Get Happy: How to be positive, mindful and happy every day

Get Happy: How to be positive, mindful and happy every day
Genres: Inspirational, Self Help
Tag: Published 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace
Length: 192
ASIN: 1523288922
ISBN: 9781523288922

This indispensable guide from Jo Howarth, creator of The Happiness Club, will help you to revolutionise how you approach each and every one of your days! Is your life 'okay'? Will it 'do'? Is it 'nice enough'? Are you plodding through the every day experiences feeling like there has to be something more to life? This book is packed with advice, tools and techniques that will help you learn how to choose happiness every single day. Don't put up with 'okay'. Happiness is within your reach.

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About the Book

About the Author

Jo Howarth is a Mindfulness practitioner and Advanced Hypnotherapist living in Merseyside. She experienced stress and anxiety for many years and now teaches the tools that brought her through to the sunny side of life. Jo runs the monthly membership club that is The Happiness Club as well as helping people on an individual basis through private sessions. She offers businesses the chance to have their own Corporate Happiness Programme and she visits schools to run the School Happiness Programme for children of all ages and the staff that teach them. She works and speaks all over the UK. Jo is happily married to Trev and they have two beautiful daughters. She enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family and encourages as many people as possible to do the same with theirs. You can find out more about Jo’s work here: You can also sign up for a free one month trial of The Happiness Club here:

About the Author
Jo Howarth

I am a mindfulness practitioner and advanced hypnotherapist and I run a company called The Happiness Club. The Happiness Club is a monthly membership club that gives members a daily tool, tip, thought or technique to help them let go of negative stuff and hold on to the positive.
If you want to keep your physical body fit and healthy then you join a gym, if you want to keep your mind fit and healthy then you join The Happiness Club.

My book Get Happy! is a compilation of daily messages from the first 6 months of the club so can be read cover to cover or one page a day in the same way as my Happiness Club members receive their daily messages.

My book Glad To Be Dan is a mindfulness book for children. I am passionate about helping children as young as possible to learn tools and techniques that they can use for life.