Gone Tomorrow

Gone Tomorrow

Detective Sergeant Sally Reid has turned against Chillborough police to side with the criminal known as “Teacher”.

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About the Book

This clever but hippyfied man is renowned for his exploits; extorting people and authorities, aided by his inordinate and quirky talent for hypnosis.Sally has however, double-crossed him and taken one hundred thousand pounds from him; money stolen from the Chillborough authorities and money pledged by Teacher to aid Serapis, the ancient deity to which he belongs. Now escaping to France, she leaves everything behind, including Simon, who believed they had more to give in their relationship with each other.She settles with Bethan and Eifion, in a Welsh café set in a little town on the Riviera, but it’s not long before she is found and pursued intently by Teacher, Serapis agents the British and French police!Will Sally escape, with or without the money, with or without Simon? Will the British and French police catch her?What will Teacher and Serapis do to get their money back?The story tells of the exploits of all factions in a light-hearted catalogue of events and chases that will have you gasping in surprise and smiling at Teacher’s bizarre, diverting and entertaining mannerisms.

Series: Teacher Series, Book 3
Genre: Fiction
Tag: Published 2018
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 230
ASIN: 1731204973
ISBN: 9781731204974
List Price: £8.99
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About the Author
Mark P. Winson

Mark has been writing novels for years, after his sixth form Maths teacher, reported, “Mark and his recently acquired girlfriend’s attendance to my lesson is spasmodic!” The knee-jerk reaction being the abandoning of his art career and signing on the dotted line to join the RAF. Significantly, at RAF Greenham Common after being verbally and physically abused by its peace women, his night time terrors after years of mis-diagnosis were found to be nocturnal epilepsy. It was then that he began to write more seriously, to help him understand and change the attitude he had towards his illness. Finally in 2016, after much persuasion, he has completed this quirky story and published it. Enlisting the psychic and slightly comedic character of ‘Teacher’ in an intended series, he hopes to encourage people to see the brighter side of adversity, by refusing to allow it, as did he, to get the better of them.

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