Genre: Fiction
Tag: Published 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 320
ASIN: 1979403252
ISBN: 9781979403252

Set on the wild west coast of Ireland, Honeymoon is both a love story and a mystery

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About the Book

Newlyweds Rosie and Fergal Pierce are on honeymoon on the West Coast of Ireland. Fergal would like to show her the house where he was born. She understands the importance for him as he spent his childhood in an orphanage, but it is far more complicated. She learns that his father died in suspicious circumstances and a subsequent cover-up led to a tragedy that blighted not just Fergal but many in the village. The Honeymoon becomes a mission to find the truth and such a disappointment to Rosie that she is tempted to give up and go home. She does her own investigating and finds conclusive information for Fergal and strengths in her own character she didn’t know she had.