How to Have A Positive and Empowering Pregnancy: Birthing beautiful souls

How to Have A Positive and Empowering Pregnancy: Birthing beautiful souls

This book explains why connecting with your baby in the womb is essential, and how your mind-set has a big part to play in your baby’s emotional and physical development. Cutting edge scientific research is proving that what happens to us in the womb can have far-reaching consequences for the rest of our lives.

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About the Book

In this ground-breaking book you will learn new tools and techniques to shift negative emotions and learned beliefs. You will understand how to recognise and release fear so that you work with your body and your baby intuitively for the birth and after. You will learn how to unlock the secrets to being calm and content during your pregnancy and onwards. By connecting with your baby in a spiritual way, you will be able to form a deep and loving bond. Learn how to use your inherent wisdom and trust your instinct and intuition to guide you through pregnancy and beyond. “How to Have a Positive and Empowering Pregnancy” is an invaluable and popular guide for new parents, professionals and practitioners alike and makes an ideal gift for mothers-to-be.

Genres: Education, Family & Lifestyle, Self Help
Tag: Published 2018
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
ASIN: 1981207090
ISBN: 9781981207091
List Price: £12.99
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