Mineran Assault

Mineran Assault
Series: Mineran Series, Book 3
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction
Tag: Published 2017
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 246
ISBN: 9781976587955

While the team frantically search for Sam, he finds himself struggling to survive and to evade capture. The truth behind ISPAW's mysterious and vengeful nemesis is also uncovered.

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About the Book

Sam Shepard must escape! Having been kidnapped and incarcerated, Sam faces a struggle to stay alive. He knows he must overcome adversity and thwart his captor’s plans. Elsewhere, the Inner Sphere Parliament of Aligned Worlds (ISPAW) is in turmoil; their nemesis has struck once more. Sam’s friends endeavour to locate and rescue him while struggling to uncover the identity of the Mineran traitor.

About the Author
P N Burrows

P N Burrows, is a former IT guru, business advisor and he now creates websites for fellow authors. He writes to maintain his sanity, as the stories in his head want to get out!