Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction
Tag: Published 2019
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 250
ASIN: 191605000X
ISBN: 9781916050006

A dying star nears its supernova end. In a system inhabited by billions, their lives hang in the balance. Caught up in the ensuing chaos, freelance freighter pilot Leon Murphy finds himself thrown into the biggest mass evacuation in human history.

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About the Book

Facing horrendous flying conditions and treacherous bureaucracy, Murphy finds unexpected friendship in the form of pilot co-ordinators Marcus Escobar and Lorna Santos, plus, nine-year-old prodigy Zara Astashova. In a world of upheaval, they form bonds that will last a lifetime. But when Lorna and Zara mysteriously disappear during their own evacuation, Murphy and Escobar have little choice but to break the rules and go in pursuit, as the truth dawns about the horrific fate awaiting their friends. In a race against time, Leon finds his loyalties tested to the limit, while Marcus’s own secret and deadly past come to light.