Rock On Barney!

Rock On Barney!
Genre: Children's Books
Tag: Published 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 26
Illustrator: Alan Jones
ASIN: 1979647208
ISBN: 9781979647205

All is not always what it seems! Barney is a buzzard.

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About the Book

The birds won’t make friends with him because they think he is fierce. It all changes at the disco. It’s ‘Have-a-Go’ night and the birds are amazed at Barney’s talent. Soon he has lots of new friends!

About the Author
Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is a soil scientist who taught in higher education for over 30 years. When the day job wasn’t taking up too much time she loved to read and write. Retirement provided her with the opportunity to exercise her love of writing. She attended a Creative Writing course and this proved to be the turning point. That, together with a Writers’ Retreat, helped to build her confidence in her writing and ‘Barney’ is the result. Jennifer is passionate about the natural world and is always keen to seize opportunities to encourage young people to engage with it. She can invariably be found with binoculars around her neck, a camera to photograph little beasties, a notebook in her pocket and a strong desire to breathe in all that she sees. Jennifer is now working on a collection of stories about the adventures of a mole which she will follow up with tales of two cats who run a detective agency.

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