Secret Of The Fireflies

Secret Of The Fireflies
Series: Fireflies, Book 1
Genres: Fiction, Thriller
Tag: Published 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 228
ASIN: 1542772478
ISBN: 9781542772471

Set during 1960s Britain, where Corporal Punishment is still an enforceable sentence for murder.

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About the Book

Frank Dyson goes on the run after unintentionally taking the life of a stranger. Taking his young son and faithful dog with him, he escapes the city of Manchester and under the cover of darkness follows the route of the main train line to Chester. By the morning, a full-scale murder investigation is under way, naming Frank as public enemy number one. Events become more complicated when he is forced to abduct Sally, a young girl who recognises him from a newspaper report. Unbeknownst to Frank, Sally harbours her own secret, one which becomes a crucial part of the fight to survive. With the police hot on his trail, Frank cleverly stays one step ahead but the choices he makes in order to protect his son have dire consequences for them all.

About the Author
J G Nicholls

Gillian Atkinson (pen name J.G. Nicholls) was born in Northwich Cheshire, England where she continues to reside. Gill has chosen to write under her mother’s maiden name as a tribute to her late mum. She lives with husband Paul, their dog Lucy and their daughters and grandchildren all live close by. She enjoys travelling and is a keen gardener. After retiring from work last year, Gill has eventually found the time to start writing, a long-term passion of hers.

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