She’s Got That Vibe: How To Attract Your Boo By Being Authentically You!

She’s Got That Vibe: How To Attract Your Boo By Being Authentically You!
Genres: Business, Non-Fiction
Tag: 2015 and earlier
Length: 110

Do you feel like you’re sending out ‘vibes’ that attract unwanted responses from men? Too often, we’re afraid of being our true selves for fear of what others may think.

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About the Book

Not realizing that it is in the shining of ‘who we really are’ that we draw others. She’s Got That Vibe delivers a life-changing and unique perspective as to why men are attracted to an authentic woman whose vibes communicate what she truly wants!

To help women become aware of her negative vibes in a dating/relationship situation, The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make That Turn Men Off are revealed. This essential every woman’s guide will enable you to uncover the authentic ‘you’ and in so doing, ooze such irresistibility that men will find themselves inexplicably drawn to you. You will learn how to:
• Create a new positive sense of self
• Love yourself and have your needs met
• Break the cycle of mistakes that turn men off
• Use your vibes to attract your perfect partner
• Be effortlessly, authentically you!

Full of invaluable teachings based on the Law of Attraction, She’s Got That Vibe will have you relating to yourself, life and men in a powerful new way. Valerie also shares her expert insights in the power of self-value in the dating and relationships game and how this significantly affects the way you are treated by men. The core message here is, change your vibes to change your life!

About the Author
Valerie A. Campbell

As a serial entrepreneur and life enthusiast, Valerie A. Campbell has learned to manage her relationships through her spirituality, trials, errors and experience. With an innate desire to give back and empower other women, she has authored the recently released Book “She’s Got That Vibe: How To Attract Your Boo By Being Authentically You!” This how-to book for women describes how a woman can attract her perfect match by managing the vibes she sends out to potential mates and by learning from “The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make that Turn Men Off”; as somewhat humorously presented in this book. By absorbing Valerie’s narrative, women will learn how to send off vibes true to her intentions, attract to her what she wants and to let go of seeking validation. Most importantly, she will learn how to develop her own ideals through being strong, clear and true to herself. “She’s Got That Vibe” helps a woman to attract her perfect man through her authenticity. Valerie A. Campbell was born in London to parents of West Indian origin. As the second eldest of 11 children, she learned responsibility from an early age. Because her strict parents looked down upon free expression, she never learned ways on how to interact with men from either of her parents, only from what she saw on TV! At age 18 she set up her first business selling jeans and t-shirts, sourced from her travels around the world from England to Venezuela to St Lucia and New York. These experiences increased her confidence enormously. From there, Valerie worked in the London Council - Refuse Collection Service for 10 years. As the only female manager in a 120 male-dominated environment, she learned, from friendly talks with her ‘boys’ as she fondly calls them, the inner workings of the male mind, as well as the mistakes women keep making. She also studied personal development from such leaders as Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Esther & Jerry Hicks and Michael Losier. Business authors - Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Dan Kennedy, Zig Ziggler and many others. She is a prolific reader who continually seeks to improve herself! Valerie’s spiritual growth through the word of God plus studying the power of the mind and the laws of attraction for most of her life—as well as founding her own Internet Marketing consultancy and a limited partnership company has left her greatly empowered to continue her spiritual journey and to inspire women to fulfill their spirit and destiny.

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