Sort it out!

Sort it out!
Genres: Business, Non-Fiction
Tag: 2015 and earlier
Length: 151

How to increase focus and become more organised in your small business.

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About the Book

Sort It Out!
How to increase focus and become more organised in your small business
Forget traditional time management. This no-nonsense approach to get more done with less effort is packed with practical tips and easy-to-implement strategies to achieve a calm and effortlessly efficient business.

Learn how to run your business without it running you and get confident about what to say no to.

“Sarah’s refreshing approach has allowed me to consider doing things that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. She makes you think about what’s important and stop doing anything that isn’t”

“Sarah has helped me to delegate better, get more done by being more focused, and become more organised. It’s a journey I am still on, but I now have a clearer idea of where I am headed”

“Sarah’s no nonsense, practical advice gives you the tools to work smart and make the best use of your time”

About the Author
Sarah Rugg

Sarah Rugg is a self-confessed organisation-aholic. Being naturally disorganised made Sarah intrigued to find options to make her days more productive. For years she was on a mission to discover ways to bring more order and simplicity to her life. She discovered many useful tools to assist with the practical implementation. But more importantly she learned how you can re-train your brain to focus only on the essentials. She has successfully applied these organisational methods and now enjoys a more simplistic lifestyle, which has enriched her life. Sarah runs four businesses, a virtual team of over 25 people and is married with 2 young children. Prior to this she spent 18 years in the corporate finance sector covering a large number of areas, including project management, customer service, marketing and collections. Sarah is passionate about living life to the full; she works hard and plays hard. Sarah has taken her passion for organisation and turned it into a business. She is a productivity consultant in 2 of her own businesses, and loves sharing her knowledge and learnings to help others to become more productive.

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