Series: Sportonova, Book 1
Genres: Children's Books, Sports
Tag: Published 2018
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 264
Illustrator: Alan Jones
ASIN: 1999625013
ISBN: 9781999625016

In a galaxy full of sports-ball-shaped planets, Sportonova shines the brightest as the local inhabitants gather in the village of Clapuwood to create the ultimate sports tournament.

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About the Book

Creatures of all shapes and sizes have fun playing some familiar sports as well as games that are out of this world! Six teams compete but who will be the winners of the prestigious Sportonova Cup? Will it be the players from the powerful Kragu team? Will the Dreama team have visions of getting their hands on the golden trophy? Or do one of the unfancied teams have a chance?

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