The Wolf Man Approaches

The Wolf Man Approaches
Series: The Lomax Gold Mine, Book 2
Genre: Fiction
Tag: Published 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 342
ASIN: 1545446970
ISBN: 9781545446973

When Ed is pulled back to the Lomax Gold Mine by a desperate plea from his friend and mentor James Allen, he finds trouble brewing in town.

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About the Book

In narrow alleyways, between makeshift corrugated iron shacks, men gather to whisper that the miners’ union is unable to tackle the mine owner, Lucky Lomax, who is hell-bent on increasing efficiency at the expense of jobs and pay. They need Bismarck and Kojo, men who have proved they can outwit him.

Lomax Township is about to explode, and all that’s required is a spark.

And then the Wolf Man arrives.

About the Author
Mendus Harris

Mendus Harris writes conspiracy thrillers. His latest books are based in a fictional gold mine named Lomax and draw on his extensive experience as an exploration geologist. Very few people appreciate how a large gold mine in Africa functions and those that do may not be keen for the truth to be told. His writing conjures images which are redolent with the sights and sounds of West African gold mines, the characters who inhabit them and the political conflicts which can threaten to rip them apart. Here is an author who has been there and seen that and has a view on what he has experienced.

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