Social Media

Love it or hate it, Social Media does happen to be an integral part of marketing anything in the 21st century. Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular channels to promote books, however there are many other options depending on your comfort level and the style of your book. This includes Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to name a few.

We offer a couple of helpful solutions for you, depending on your needs.



We have training courses that are specific to Authors – so you will be taught by Jan, our Social Media training expert on how to set up your Social Media channels. They are hands-on workshops and you will complete your Facebook page or Twitter account there and then. One-to-one support is also available, or workshops on any of the main digital marketing channels that you would like support in.



What do you do once you have your Facebook page and Twitter account set up? We’ll teach you what to do next and help you with creating a timeline for your posts, how to schedule your posts as well as what to say! However, if you don’t have time to do this important part of marketing, Michelle can offer a management plan where she will basically create and do your posts for you, find appropriate followers and engage with them. As part of the package Michelle will also create some branded memes using quotes from your book that can be used on Social Media channels! This can be for one month to get you started or can also be continued on a month by month basis.

You need to be promoting your book on Social Media at least 3 months prior to your publication date, so we’ll help you make it happen.


Meet our Social Media team

Michelle Collins

Jan Kiermasz