On average, it takes 3 to 4 months from the start of the project until your book is ‘live’ on Amazon. We follow a process that ensures your book is published to high standards, and we also believe you need to factor in a marketing schedule.

The first step is to Contact Us. We will send you a short questionnaire asking questions on the type of book you wish to publish. Then, we will arrange a conversation - either in person or by Skype. This will allow us to talk about your project more indepth and explain the process that will work best for you.

We encourage you to have had some beta readers whom you trust to review your manuscript and give honest feedback, incorporate their feedback before you send us the final manuscript.

For novels of any length, we offer a full structural editing and manuscript critique service. This is an optional service and the price will depend on the number of words.

Content editing and proofreading are part of our standard services as we believe this is a must for a professionally published book.

There are some additional services that you may wish to access from our team which you can read about on our Packages page.

The bottom line is, we are committed to helping you publish a book to high standards that you are extremely proud of. Our quality of services and pricing structure reflects this ethos. We work with you every step of the way and you have access to many of our team directly.