Website Design

You are about to become an Author, which means you will have more than one book. Once you get that first one published, there will be no stopping you! So, let’s do it right from the start. Your author’s website is the hub of where everything will evolve. 

Your readers (your fans) will want to know all about you and having a professional website that offers them news and updates on your writing and your books is how you will build your following. All of the other things you do to market your book should be directed to your website so there is a central place of contact. This will also help push you up Google’s rankings.

Your website will have a place for reviews and links to buy your book(s). Your blogs, social media posts and more will all be linked to your website, giving it regular, fresh content and make it appealing to your readers.

Typically, an author website will consist of:

Home page
Author Bio
Book page(s)
News and reviews
Blog (if required)
Contact page
Links to all of your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)


You can of course have any pages as you require and all of our sites are easy to self-edit after completion. We utilise special book cataloguing and marketing software that recognises genres, books in series, displays the kindle sample if it is available and links to all of your book’s pages on Amazon, iTunes et al.


Phil is an expert at designing websites specifically for authors. And, he’s an author himself!


A small sample of Phil’s work can be seen below.

J M Moore

Author website promoting a couple of books with photo gallery.

Estelle Maher

Author website promoting spooky series.

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson former MP and acclaimed author.


Clair Capper

Author website promoting a series of children's books.

P N Burrows

Author website promoting a series.

Jennifer Jones

Author website.